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Tag: MuleSoft

Salesforce Change Data Capture

Change Data Capture is a design pattern to determine and records changes to a record and take some action of changed data and keep your external data store current with Salesforce data. Data integration to keep two systems synchronized in one of the following ways Have a data replication process to export data from source system and upload the data to the destination. Usually this type of process is run nightly as volume of data can be large. Changes are not reflected in near real time. Implement Change Data Capture… Read more Salesforce Change Data Capture

Event Driven Architecture (EDA) within Salesforce Platform and Slack

In this post we will discuss Event Driven Architecture (EDA) overview and its implementation within Salesforce paradigm. Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is a asynchronous software design pattern where a system A produces certain event notifications and interested consumer systems consume those event notifications, both producers and consumers systems are decoupled. Event processing takes in near real time and there are no point to point integration. Communication revolves around a publisher-subscriber model ,a sender publishes a message that one or more subscribers receivers that message. Much like morning commute time traffic… Read more Event Driven Architecture (EDA) within Salesforce Platform and Slack

Proxy Pattern

Use Case: Proxy Service transforms and enriches payload before creating record in Salesforce. We have system A where our support agents are working are not in Salesforce(system B). These support agents need to create case in system B . System A can invoke SOAP API’s. We do not want System A to directly make calls to System B. We want mediator to proxy System B. In our case we will use MuleSoft as mediator. Initiator: System A where support agents are working. Proxy: MuleSoft is acting as a web service… Read more Proxy Pattern

Relate Salesforce records using external id in related objects.

Salesforce provides convenient way to related records when creating or upserting records for lookup relations. Using external id of related records avoids use of performing lookup SOQL queries when integrating records using create or upsert operations. Import Salesforce WSDL into SOAP UI, use create request and format message to use external id, example when creating Case to an Account(Customer) we can use external id of Account object and modify request message to replace accountId fields with following snippet. This will relate to Case to Account where external id is specified.… Read more Relate Salesforce records using external id in related objects.