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Tag: Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Console JavaScript API

The Lightning Console JavaScript API and the Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit both interact with Salesforce console apps. We will use these API’s to check status of Omni-Channel Utility bar item. Example Lightning Component is used to check Omni-Channel Utility once agent has accepted the work. lightning:utilityBarAPI: The public API for the Utility Bar. lightning:omniToolkitAPI: This component provides access to the API for the Omni-channel toolkit. lightning:backgroundUtilityItem: This interface is used to indicate that the component is available to be instantiated at the app level without rendering any UI. Salesforce Console Developer Guide Omni-Channel Developer Guide Utility Bar API Omni Channel Work Accepted Background Utility Item Response object that is returned by utilityBarAPI.getAllUtilityInfo(). We can use and modify various attributes of utility bar item using this approach

Salesforce IOT for better customer experience and product support

IoT (Internet of Things). Today we live in the world of connected electronic devices. These devices can be individual devices, machines, sensors etc. All these devices generate lot of data. Companies are constantly looking to use this data and improve customer experience and products. In CRM world companies are constantly using data to improve end customer experience and support process. In our regular day to day we come across may connected devices, from mobile phones to cars. In following example we will use car and see how can we use… Read more Salesforce IOT for better customer experience and product support

Filtered related list using lightning:datatable

We can use a lightning:datatable component or aura:iteration to display data in tabular format. In this example we will use lightning:datatable component. Note: lightning:datatable components are not supported on mobile devices. For detail features supported please read At the time of writing of this blog, resizing of columns was not working. Tables can be populated during initialization using the data, columns, and keyField attributes. The keyField attribute is required for correct table behavior. It associates each row with a unique identifier. In this example we creates a table whose… Read more Filtered related list using lightning:datatable

Propagating server side exceptions to Lightning Components.

An exception is a error condition or unexpected behavior that is encountered by an executing block of code. Exceptions can be thrown because of a error in executing code or in code that is being called by your code. Exception handling strategy is to gracefully handle error condition. Apex provides try, catch, and finally statements to gracefully recover from exceptions and throw statements to generate exception. If an end user runs into an exception that occurred in apex code, an error message appears on user interface with description of error.… Read more Propagating server side exceptions to Lightning Components.